The Ten Best Environment Websites in the World

The criteria was strict and the decision was difficult to make but here they are, the ten best environment websites in the world.

1. Alternative Energy News – This web site has always been a favorite of mine when looking for news about alternative and renewable energies. I have had the pleasure of meeting its founder and webmaster Alex Ramon. He’s dedicated and passionate about all things environmental, and lucky for us he started this website a couple of years ago. Incorporating up-to-date videos and well written articles, Alternative Energy recently integrated its sister site, Energy Planet, a renewable energy directory, into the mix. Alex has also created a search engine focusing on the environment. Alternative Energy is, and will continue be, the leader in environment news. This makes Alternative Energy News the best environment website in the world. Congratulations, Alex!

ae85.jpg2. PESWiki – This great website focuses on renewable energy solutions, and it is community-built. The “Wiki” phenomenon has not left out the environment as illustrated by PESWiki. Being entirely driven by people who have a zeal for the environment, only the best and most relevant articles and information is presented. At this site, all of us have the opportunity to help increase the awareness of, and to learn about, the environment. Everyone has an opportunity to add their two cents and present information that they feel is vital to saving our planet. This is a site that is growing at a very fast pace and in my opinion they have only scratched the surface as to what it can offer, and what it could mean to the environmental community.

3. Live Science – Easy to read, entertaining, and fact driven are just a few of the reasons that I have Live Science rated as the third best environment website in the world. It reminds me of National Geographic, but with more text to go along with beautiful photography. Definitely a website for both the serious and the arm chair environmentalist. One beef I do have is that I saw an advertisement for British Petroleum. That aside, this is an excellent site.

4. About My Planet – A web community devoted to the environment, About My Planet has very well written articles by a number of knowledgeable people. Consistently updated and beautifully designed with a wonderful balance of inviting images and text, this is a website that stands head and shoulders above many others. A recent addition to About My Planet is a service called Grow. Entirely based on stories from it readers, Grow creates wonderful and intelligent dialogue from its users. About My Planet has done it right and I am a regular visitor.

5.BusinessGreen blog – Based in the UK, this is a blog filled with well written articles by author James Murray. Geared towards readers interested in green and sustainable businesses, BusinessGreen blog offers its readers a well thought-out perspective in this fast-growing area of the world’s economy.

6. Meet the Greens – This site keeps the kids in mind. Smartly focusing on educating our children in a fun way about the environment, this site is highly interactive. Using animation and other highly visual techniques to keep its readers attention, Meet the Greens is a website for all ages.

7. National Geographic – Yes, the one and only National Geographic. Their main site is wonderful, but don’t forget to go to the link titled environment. Beautifully laid out, like the magazine, their online version is full of stunning pictures. Their writing team is pumping out some top quality articles at the site, adding to its overall appeal. It is obvious that the transition that the magazine made to the current online version was a successful one.

8.Digg – Many people aren’t even aware that Digg has an area at its site devoted entirely to the environment. With thousands of articles in its archives, it is a great tool to browse for your own enjoyment, or to do some serious research.

9.Inside Greentech – A website full of articles and up to date news about green technology. Growing in leaps and bounds over the past few months this is a website that could easily crack the top five in a year or two.

10. Green Business – I couldn’t make a list of the ten best environment websites and not put Green Business on it. We offer articles and news about businesses that focus on keeping the planet livable – hopefully for generations! Some articles will be serious, while others will be more light-hearted. The one thing in common is that they will be written with my love of our planet in mind.

There you have it, the ten best environment websites in the world. As the internet grows, as well as our consciousness about our fragile planet, new and exciting environmental resources will emerge. These resources will provide two fundamental things, they will both educate and offer us hope for a fantastic future.

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  1. I suppose everyone has their favourite websites, however perhaps the defining issue of our time is energy; and although this list tips its hat at energy, it fails to point its readers at the good sites available that would provide them with a good understanding of energy. and should both be here.

    Rod Campbell-Ross | Aug 27, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks a lot for including National Geographic in your top ten picks– it’s very gratifying!
    You might also like to know that Nat Geo Traveler magazine has a blog devoted to sustainable and authentic travel. It’s called Intelligent Travel:
    I like knowing your other top picks, such Meet the Greens, which I didn’t know about, even though it’s sponsored by National Geographic too!

    Marilyn Terrell | Aug 28, 2007 | Reply

  3. We believe that our site is the truest as it presents the facts as they are. We have refused to whitewash. Our montly newsletter Footprints is one of the best and most informative on our abused planet.

    please do check us out on and go to the ‘archive’ page for FOOTPRINTS. Thanks

    John James

    John James | Aug 28, 2007 | Reply

  4. I was surprised to not see TreeHugger in your list. I was expecting that it would get first place when you mentioned I was second.

    Your choice of Alex’s Alt Energy News is a good choice. His coverage is more broad and exhaustive of all things alt energy, whereas we at PES Network focus in on the more exotic technologies that often do not get any press, such as magnet motors and cold fusion, while also covering the best alt energy technologies we run across.

    You’ve seen the quote on our site: “He who is one step ahead is a genius, he who is two steps ahead is a crack pot.” We try to bridge the chasm to the two-steps-ahead stuff, by associating it with the one-step-ahead stuff. The hard part is identifying what truly is revolutionary, and what truly is bogus, because the distinction is often hard to make in the early stages. They all look crazy. That’s why I founded the New Energy Congress . . . to help find those needles in the haystack of wild things that lurk outside the box. (sorry for the mix of metaphors)

    Standing as a friend of these exotic approaches, while being noble, also has a turn-off factor, trimming down the size of our audience to just the mavericks; so as long as we list “magnet motors” and “cold fusion” with a straight face, we will probably not have the broad appeal necessary to truly grow our site to its potential. But once some of these exotics prove out to the public, then there will be a mad dash.

    I would say that I consider Alex to be a part of PES Network. We feature his many topical news pages from our topical energy index pages, and vice versa. I’m glad to say we have a close relationship. He certainly is open to most of the more exotic stuff we cover, which is refreshing, as some alt energy sites can be quite snobbish, clinging tight to academia, who say such things are “impossible”.

    Sterling D. Allan | Sep 12, 2007 | Reply

  5. Oops. I need to correct my first paragraph.

    Change “I was second” to :
    “we (PESWiki) were second.”

    PESWiki, as you noted, is a collaborative effort involving many people.

    Sterling D. Allan | Sep 12, 2007 | Reply

  6. The convergence of clean energy technology and environmental awareness is propelling us into a sustainable, livable future, and you have shared some great finds here. Keep up the great work.

    Yuya Joe

    Yuya Joe | Dec 16, 2007 | Reply

  7. this is a good site

    Mahesh | Jul 28, 2008 | Reply

  8. concentrates on news and information for conservation specifically in Australia.

    Peter | Aug 3, 2008 | Reply

  9. Good and very informative post.

    Gary Winnick | Feb 24, 2009 | Reply

  10. Thanks a lot, Gary.

    robertludvig | Feb 25, 2009 | Reply

  11. Great article. Being in the business of green investing, I always like to know of reputable and reliable information on environmental issues. It’s not that easy to do on the internet. Articles like this one just make it a bit easier! Thanks.

    Constantine Lycos | Aug 15, 2009 | Reply

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