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Frogbox : A Small Green Business »

A green business was started in Vancouver, Canada a few years ago and because of demand and entreprenueral spirit, [insert name here] brought in some investors and now that little green business start-up has some very big plans in the very near future. Frog box supplies people with reusable, plastic boxes for moves saving countless [...]

Eco Florists »

I’ve been writing about green businesses for over three years. I’ve written about large companies that have started the transition to going green and I’ve written about small green business startups. One thing that never crossed my radar are eco florists. Aren’t all flower shops already green? The answer is no.
Eco flora was started by [...]

Gorilla Food : A Small Green Business »

Gorilla Food is a restaurant located in Vancouver, British Columbia that serves raw, vegan, organic food and is thriving because of it. Their owner’s philosophy is “live as an example” and he has become an inspiration to so many people around the city.
I recently ate at his restaurant, which was started with a take-out only [...]

A Business That Gardens The Environmentally Friendly Way »

Lawn care was always synonamous with pesticide use, but as times changed so did the use of chemicals on our lawns and gardens. The use of organic and environmentally friendly lawn care products has skyrocked over the past decade to the point where a person walking past a lawn sprayed with pesticides might be a [...]

North Carolina Green Business Fund »

Businesses in North Carolina – listen up! The North Carolina Green Business Fund is open for business and want to give away grants of up to $500,000, totaling more than $8,000,000, funded by the Recovery Act. The money will be awarded to entrepreneurial, job creating endeavors in the state of North Carolina. This fund is [...]

The Perfect Small Business Idea »

People always ask me to show them a great example of a green business and now I think I have found the perfect green business model. I was in total shock when I watched the following video because it really encompasses everything that a true green business is.
Two University students gave up lucrative careers in [...]