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SunRidge Farms Bike to Work Program »

I love it when I find out wonderful things that some green companies do to help out the environment. It may be a feel good story or it may be just an idea that you can use for your company in helping it turn green. I recently corresponded with a team member from SunRidge Farms [...]

A Green Recovery »

Invovative to cut costs. Make trucks more effeciaent. It, districution, fleet, LED  are the norm now, thoook for innovation.
By focuses on getting ‘greener’ can speed up economic recovery. Taking a new path with big chunks of their opperations.Zero landfill waste, SUBERU in AMERICA.
Goal being sustainability. Person mention Walmart, series of innovations. new trucks to trainig [...]

A Green MBA Recipient Speaks »

One of our goals at Green Business is to showcase wonderful people and the impact they are having in the field of green business, and to offer inspiration and perhaps advice to those who are seeking to get into a similar vocation. Maybe you want to help the environment, but you also have the desire [...]

Green Business Idea – Green Janitor »

One of our goals here at Green Business is to offer ideas to our readers to help them start their own green business.  Another excellent example of a green business is a green janitorial service, maybe even cleaning LEED certified buildings. These green business owners and workers use environmentally friendly cleaners in their business. Harmful [...]

Ray Anderson: Pioneer of a Movement »

It is difficult to start any type of business, so if you want to start a green business you better find out what your motives are. If you decide to begin the search, start by looking at the pioneer of green business, Mr. Ray Anderson. He will tell you his answers and motivations for starting [...]

Environmentally Friendly Events »

It never seizes to amaze me the amazing ideas people come up with in terms of creating unique green businesses. I recently came across a green business that is an original. The green business I am referring to sells eco-friendly products to throw  sustainable parties for large and small groups. How smart is that?
The name [...]

Small Green Business Ideas »

So you want to start your own green business but you don’t have the necessary capital to get something off the ground. You don’t need to be rich to start your own green business, just make it a small green business. Ideas can be hard to come by at times, so the focus of this [...]

Green Building and LEED Certification »

What does building green mean and why is it necessary? Greening a company encompasses many different aspects, not just recycling or stopping use of toxic materials and replacing it with something more environmentally friendly. Turning your company green includes green building practices. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, more commonly known as LEED,  is at [...]

Sustainable Business Resource »

A wonderful place to start if you want to learn and expand your knowledge of green and sustainable businesses is Wikipedia. The user moderated website offers a number of important websites on the topic.

Green Business: Green Construction Practices »

The builder in the accompanying video follows Leed certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Some very important information about green building practices can be found at the U.S. Green Building Council website.
The following are four points that Rex the builder says are key factors in building green.
1-Recycling of waste materials.
2-Erosion protection around the job [...]