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Eco Florists »

I’ve been writing about green businesses for over three years. I’ve written about large companies that have started the transition to going green and I’ve written about small green business startups. One thing that never crossed my radar are eco florists. Aren’t all flower shops already green? The answer is no.
Eco flora was started by [...]

Gorilla Food : A Small Green Business »

Gorilla Food is a restaurant located in Vancouver, British Columbia that serves raw, vegan, organic food and is thriving because of it. Their owner’s philosophy is “live as an example” and he has become an inspiration to so many people around the city.
I recently ate at his restaurant, which was started with a take-out only [...]

SPIN Farming »

SPIN farming is part of organic horticulture and is this weeks focus on green business. SPIN farming stands for Small Plot INtensive farming. It is essentially a small scale gardening method but organic gardeners with business savvy use a collection of urban lawns, either rented or bartered from the lawn owner, to create a green [...]

Organic Seeds »

We have forgotten about those businesses that were green businesses before the term was even part of the average person’s vocabulary. A green business that has been around a long time that most people do not give a second thought to is organic seeds. Sellers of organic seeds focus on the primary building blocks of [...]

Environmentally Friendly Farmers Market »

One might say that a more traditional form of green business is a farmers market. A non-profit organization, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada offers vendors a medium to sell their organic fruits & vegetables, free-range chickens and a vast array of other amazing eco-friendly products. The market offers space for vendors in [...]

Greenwashing Part 2 »

Yesterday I wrote a little bit about greenwashing. The subject is so compelling that I did some more research and stumbled upon the following video – a very entertaining piece from RANvideo (Rainforest Action Network). They talk about Wal-Mart’s sustainability initiative and the potential that the company has to drastically reduce the negative impact it [...]

Greenwashing In Green Business »

The marketing of green businesses and the products they sell is on the rise, and so are ethical concerns. In the following video Dave Michael Garg investigates the relatively new phenomenon of greenwashing. The term greenwashing has to do with businesses misleading the public as to the true environmental impact of their ‘green’ product.

Online Green Business: Buy Green »

One of the things I love doing is promoting green businesses. A cool online green business I recently found is Check out the site below to find all the earth-friendly products you will ever need. On a side note, this company not only sells eco-friendly products but they are consciously developing to be [...]

How Green Is That Green Business? »

How environmentally friendly are those green products you are buying? This video answers the question and makes us ask a few more. This video originated from our friends at living green channel

Green Business Going To The Dogs »

I came across the following site and I just smiled. Here you will find a company dedicated to our four-legged friends. Paw Luxury, an online store, specializes in providing dogs with organic food and other eco-friendly products. From beds & mats to clothing, Paw luxury has all the bases covered if you are [...]