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Harvard Professor Lectures On Green Business »

Not enough people have seen this video, so I decided to post it here. Harvard professor
Rebecca Henderson is the Co-Director of their BUsiness and Environment Initiative.
Can one make money while making a difference? Is it easy? Can business be a leader for
change? All wonderful and important questions.
Professor Henderson believes that business potentially has a significant [...]

Green Jobs: Solar Panel Installer »

As solar energy gains popularity in providing electricity to businesses, it also is becoming more popular with home owners, as shown in the following video. Solar panel installers has emerged as a new and important job within the green technology movement. Instead of a traditional type of construction job, these construction workers install solar panels [...]

Green Business Idea – Green Janitor »

One of our goals here at Green Business is to offer ideas to our readers to help them start their own green business.  Another excellent example of a green business is a green janitorial service, maybe even cleaning LEED certified buildings. These green business owners and workers use environmentally friendly cleaners in their business. Harmful [...]

Green Jobs Training Program »

A pilot program in Trenton,  New Jersey offered by the Center for Energy and Environmental Training (CEET) teaches unemployed people how to perform energy audits in homes throughout the city.  Along with being a heart warming story the following video is a fabulous representation of the growth and importance that green collar jobs is having [...]

Sustainability Consultant and Educator »

I stumbled on a home based, small green business that I thought everyone should know about. It is a green service that both homes and businesses alike could use. It is called ECO-audit and it helps homes and businesses become more environmentally friendly.
A list of the company’s reasons for performing an ECO-audit:

Improve air quality
Reduction of [...]

Small Green Business Ideas »

So you want to start your own green business but you don’t have the necessary capital to get something off the ground. You don’t need to be rich to start your own green business, just make it a small green business. Ideas can be hard to come by at times, so the focus of this [...]

A Green Jobs Revolution »

Green Job Trends
An interesting fact that not many people look to can be found in Google Trends. Scanning the number of web searches using the keyword term ‘green jobs’ reveals a major jump in the year 2008. By reviewing the graph below one can see a leap in search queries for ‘green jobs’ from the [...]

Green Jobs: Video »

As my current focus seems to be on green jobs, I want to share this video with you – a 3 minute excerpt from a larger discussion. Carnegie Ethics Studio presents Norine Kennedy who speaks about the environment, jobs and sustainability. Ms. Kennedy believes that the business community, by being environmentally conscious, can open new [...]

Green Careers »

I have been on sort of a tangent lately with regards to careers in the green marketplace. Sorry if anyone out there is getting a little bit annoyed, but I found another great site that is focused on finding green jobs and I would like to share it with you. Green Careers is powered by [...]

Green Jobs »

With massive job cuts going on in America at the moment I wanted to add a resource to help anyone and everyone search for a green job. The website TreeHugger has a very impressive job board that is updated daily. I hope it helps in your quest for a better job – one that will [...]