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Innovation Is The Key To Becoming Green »

John Grant is an optimist by nature and instead of being an activist he tries to build things, taking the positive appoach to climate change. His best advice to a business person who is asking the question, “where do I start” is simply one word – innovation. He asks companies, what is the one thing [...]

A Focus On Business and Climate Change »

The Prince’s May Day Network, was founded by the prince of Wales in 2007, over 1300 business have signed up and are commited to run their business in a environmentally friendly way. These businesses have also comiteed to spread the word with regards to the urgency of climate change, and to empower the businesses community [...]

Ray Anderson: Pioneer of a Movement »

It is difficult to start any type of business, so if you want to start a green business you better find out what your motives are. If you decide to begin the search, start by looking at the pioneer of green business, Mr. Ray Anderson. He will tell you his answers and motivations for starting [...]

A Green Business Entrepreneur Speaks »

The following video made me smile and I immediately knew I had to post it at Green Business. It comes from a participant at Green Business Camp who perfectly exemplifies the spirit that many green business owners possess. He truly is an inspiration. What do you think!

Green Business: Green Construction Practices »

The builder in the accompanying video follows Leed certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Some very important information about green building practices can be found at the U.S. Green Building Council website.
The following are four points that Rex the builder says are key factors in building green.
1-Recycling of waste materials.
2-Erosion protection around the job [...]

Greenwashing In Green Business »

The marketing of green businesses and the products they sell is on the rise, and so are ethical concerns. In the following video Dave Michael Garg investigates the relatively new phenomenon of greenwashing. The term greenwashing has to do with businesses misleading the public as to the true environmental impact of their ‘green’ product.

Bringing Back The Handkerchief »

Rugula Appenzeller is owner of the green business Hank&Cheef. Using organic cotton ethically sourced from Turkey, Hank&Cheef has brought back the handkerchief, finally. Kudos to them for reinventing an indispensable but forgotten product. I hope they are successful.

Alternative Energy: CEO Interview »

I just wanted to thank the guys at Alternative Energy News who published my interview with Gary Thompson, CEO of Sierra Geothermal Power Corp. It was a great experience talking with the head of a company specializing in creating alternative energy. If you want to read the interview in its entirety, please click [...]

6 Reasons For Writing About Green Business »

I asked myself a simple question the other day, “Why did I start a blog about green business, and have the my original reasons changed over the course of the past few months since writing about the topic?” On the surface it may seem like a simple question, but it really digs deep into my [...]

Wind Farm Opposition Grows »

Canadian companies that create wind farms are having a rough time building them as opposition groups are delaying the building, some of these delays are over one year because of appeals. Much of the opposition feel that wind farms have, at the very least, two major strikes against them – they are noisy and they [...]