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Harvard Professor Lectures On Green Business »

Not enough people have seen this video, so I decided to post it here. Harvard professor
Rebecca Henderson is the Co-Director of their BUsiness and Environment Initiative.
Can one make money while making a difference? Is it easy? Can business be a leader for
change? All wonderful and important questions.
Professor Henderson believes that business potentially has a significant [...]

Frogbox : A Small Green Business »

A green business was started in Vancouver, Canada a few years ago and because of demand and entreprenueral spirit, [insert name here] brought in some investors and now that little green business start-up has some very big plans in the very near future. Frog box supplies people with reusable, plastic boxes for moves saving countless [...]

Eco Florists »

I’ve been writing about green businesses for over three years. I’ve written about large companies that have started the transition to going green and I’ve written about small green business startups. One thing that never crossed my radar are eco florists. Aren’t all flower shops already green? The answer is no.
Eco flora was started by [...]

Gorilla Food : A Small Green Business »

Gorilla Food is a restaurant located in Vancouver, British Columbia that serves raw, vegan, organic food and is thriving because of it. Their owner’s philosophy is “live as an example” and he has become an inspiration to so many people around the city.
I recently ate at his restaurant, which was started with a take-out only [...]

The Muse: An Eco-Friendly Hotel In NYC »

The hospitality industry has made major strides in becoming more eco-friendly. It is no longer a rare occurance to find an established, high-end hotel trying to become more environmentally friendly. But some hotels go further than just changing light bulbs, and this is the focus of this post. Some hotels, like The Muse [] in [...]

A Business That Gardens The Environmentally Friendly Way »

Lawn care was always synonamous with pesticide use, but as times changed so did the use of chemicals on our lawns and gardens. The use of organic and environmentally friendly lawn care products has skyrocked over the past decade to the point where a person walking past a lawn sprayed with pesticides might be a [...]

SunRidge Farms Bike to Work Program »

I love it when I find out wonderful things that some green companies do to help out the environment. It may be a feel good story or it may be just an idea that you can use for your company in helping it turn green. I recently corresponded with a team member from SunRidge Farms [...]

S&P/TSX Clean Technology Index »

A great piece of news has come out of Toronto, Canada. The S&P/TSX Clean Technology Index has been launched. The potential growth of clean tech companies over the next decade is incredible  with the stock market, patient investors and the environment reaping the rewards. The world’s future depends on the rapid expansion and utilization of [...]

Cleantech Investing Is On The Rise »

With clean energy dominating the news lately I wanted to talk about clean technology investing and the massive importance it is having in the financial markets as a whole. Much of the money being spent by the current administration in America is for clean energy – more wind turbines to lessen our reliance on fossil fuels [...]

Clean Energy and Green Jobs in 2010 »

Green energy is taking center stage as 2010 gets underway. The Obama administration is making good on their promises that were made in 2009. There are critics who point out that the pace of these changes is too slow, and although they do make valid arguments, the pace is accelerating. When watching President Obama make [...]